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At Frame Name, in addition to the complete product, all layouts, photos, graphics and the entire programming comes from us. Special attention is paid to our configurator.


Frame Name is a small startup that Artur Sopelnik and I founded in 2017.

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I produced the first Frame Names back in 2013. At that time, however, they were always just gifts. However, the feedback was mostly so positive that nothing should stand in the way of professional marketing. After a complete overhaul of the product, optimization of the manufacturing process and a significant increase in quality, Artur Sopelnik and I decided to go for it in 2017. As an experienced web designer and media specialist, Artur, whom I have counted among my friends for many years, is the perfect partner for this project.

Each frame name is unique. The names have to be specially created as 3D models and then produced using the 3D printing process, post-processed and used in picture frames. A beautiful and individual gift


In addition, a concept for a separate framework was created. 

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