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A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a "cryptographically unique, atomic, irreplaceable, and verifiable_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-8d5cf58dtokens, which contains a specific item, be it digital or physical, in a Blockchain represents".


While NFTs using the blockchain use the same technology as cryptocurrencies, unlike these, they are unique and non-fungible (non-fungible, dts.: "non-interchangeable").


An NFT can only be acquired as a whole and only exists once - unlike the possibility, for example 0.05 Ethereum , in which it does not matter for the value which one you buy a share in.


The task was a unique NFT.




The entire project was created in cooperation with VACHWERK. I did the CGI part. 

VACHWERK  is a creative agency for design and communication with which I have been able to implement a number of projects over the years.


The idea for this project came to me while I was familiarizing myself with the DLP printing process. Since the resolution with this process is many times  higher than with classic FDM printing, I had to finally don't pay so much attention to printability during construction.

The result is this small, transparent capsule that encloses the name of the wearer.

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